A Poignant Letter to Catt Co Legislators about Demolishing The Memorial Building

December 8, 2015

Dear ___________,

As I peruse the names of the county legislators, I recognize a few “old family” names. Families that have been in our community for at least the last century. People that have chosen this area to spend and invest their lives in, as their fathers and mothers did, and those before them – like mine.

But, this gives no comfort of any constructive representation for me or my family – given the vulgar decision to demolish the war memorial. It shakes my confidence that my county legislators have the strength of character to act as a governing body.
The integrity of a community is based upon an inherent morality. This morality should arise from a reference for the past, a respect for the members of the community and a commitment to create a healthy and vibrant environment for our future.
The proposed demolition shows, in volumes, a lack of reverence for the past, little respect for the community and no commitment or business acumen to a create a vibrant environment for our future.

Finding the funds within a strict budget to avoid committing this indecency is not easy. But, it is attainable and should be an opportunity to create positive change within the town of Little Valley and the county. It should open discussions of potential use and funding avenues that might have been overlooked. It should create a dialogue with the citizens of the community and foster new relationships with local businesses.
Arguments have been presented by CAMP for many months expounding on the unique nature of this structure, not only from an architectural standpoint but the significance of its dedication to fallen soldiers – from one of the most sorrowful wars our country endured. With such a high mortality from this county, the community created this as a memorial for all to acknowledge and revere. This, somehow, had no impact upon the decision making.

The message from my legislators is clear – that the deaths of these soldiers to help shape our nation and our way of life is now perhaps distant and irrelevant. Their sacrifice is inconvenient to honor. It’s not worth the time to find the funds for a new roof, a dome or a practical purpose. Better to create a small area of designated honor at the corner of an enlarged parking lot from the bricks of the destroyed memorial! The proposal itself is indignant with self importance and misguided notions of progress that deplete our community of cultural history.

By advocating the destruction of this memorial of national relevance and importance, you have personally chosen to dishonor the community and it’s future members for generations to come . Your actions will create the history of tomorrow and your name will be remembered not for the good you could have created but the shame of the war memorial destruction.

I urge you to commit to preserve this monument .

Bonnie Meacham
Ellicottville, NY