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List of Cattaraugus County Civil War Sailors

Cattaraugus County Civil War Sailors

March 27, 2015, By Mark Dunkelman, CAMP Historian, Exclusively for

The Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building was dedicated to the county’s Civil War soldiers and sailors. Almost 3,500 men served from the county, the vast majority of them as soldiers. But at least seventy Cattaraugus County men served in the Navy. This list is drawn from the rosters published in Franklin Ellis, editor, History of Cattaraugus County, New York (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts, 1879), and William Adams, editor, The Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus County, New York. Syracuse: Lyman, Horton and Co., 1893). It names the sailor, his hometown, and in some cases, his ship, or notice of death in the service.

Adams, George W. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
Austin, Xina. Farmersville. Undine.
Banfield, George H. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
Bannister, Adam C. Farmersville. Flambeau.
Brown, Patsy. Olean. Killed December 12, 1864, Bridgeport, Alabama.
Burch, Anson W. Portville.
Carpenter, Leonard. Farmersville. Undine.
Chadwick, Hosea N. Ischua. Transferred to the Navy 1862.
Chapin, Herbert F. Hinsdale. Cyane. Captured by the Alabama.
Cross, Hawley. New Albion.
Elmer, Austin W. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
English, John. Great Valley.
Frazer, James, Jr. Franklinville.
Freeman, Isaac. South Valley.
Gile, Merritt A. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Green, Henry F, Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Green, Martin. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Groat, Jeremiah. Ashford.
Henry, William. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Hogg, William. Franklinville. Paw Paw.
Holmes, C. W. Farmersville. Huntress.
Howard, Thomas. Farmersville. Undine.
Hutchinson, Daniel A. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Ingersoll, Hiram M. Hinsdale. Undine.
Jimeson, Cyrus. Salamanca. Native American.
Johnson, Francis E. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Johnston, William. Lyndon. Tara, Sincante, Carondelet, and Black Hawk.
Jones, Allen. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Laidlaw, William G. Franklinville. Tawa.
Latham, Russel. Franklinville. Died aboard gunboat Paw Paw, May 1865.
Leonard, Samuel J. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Lewis, Hiram. Hinsdale. Mound City.
Lockwood, James M. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Maloy, James. Great Valley.
McKee, Edwin. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
McKinney, John J. Carrolton. Brilliant.
McVey, Archibald. Hinsdale. Montgomery.
Miller, Lamartine. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Murray, Thomas. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
Newland, Thomas. Hinsdale. Paw Paw.
Nichols, James. Franklinvile.
Patterson, Samuel. Salamanca. Native American. Died at Belle Isle.
Perry, Charles H. Great Valley.
Persons, Daniel D. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Pettitt, Stephen D. Hinsdale.
Randall, Addison. Olean. Brooklyn.
Reynolds, Buel. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
Reynolds, Cedric. Hinsdale. Paw Paw.
Rice, Abel. Ashford. Died at Philadelphia.
Ryder, Darwin. New Albion.
Scott, Bradner. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Scott, James. Lyndon. Undine and Huntress.
Searl, Walter. Franklinville. Tawa and Cincinnati.
Sessions, Albert. Farmersville. Undine.
Sherman, George. Otto. Re-enlisted in Navy. St. Louis.
Sherwin, Joseph B. Hinsdale. Undine. Killed on board the Undine in her engagement and capture on the Tennessee River, October 30, 1864.
Smalley, Leonard C. Napoli. John Adams.
Smith, Willard M. Portville. Vanderbilt and Brooklyn.
Valentine, Foster. Farmersville. Undine.
Wands, James B. W. Olean. Montgomery.
Warner, John. Great Valley.
Warren, Isaac. Hinsdale. Undine.
Weeks, Barzilla. Franklinville.
Wheeler, Thaddeus. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Whipple, George D. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Williams, Charles P. Franklinville. Paw Paw. Died in action January 16, 1865, Memphis, Tennessee.
Wing, Charles. Franklinville.
Worthington, Jacob. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Worthington, Sylvester. Farmersville. Undine.
Yarrington, Aury. Conewango. Transferred to Navy; died in hospital near Point of Rocks.

The Casler Memorial Poem

The following poem was written exclusively for the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building:

Brave Men with Tears

They have been silent now for many years,
Without talking or moving, but not without tears.

They are, on their next step of life’s sure game,
But residents of Cattaraugus County just the same.

Some have their name and rank carved in granite,
But others we know not where they may be present.

They are the many brave men, aged 18 to 44,
Who left family and all to go fight in the Civil War.

As patriots true and bold, they never received any gold,
But just some hardtack and hardship we are told.

Men they became within three years,
Those that made it home to see their peers.

For Cattaraugus County to remember them all,
They dreamed of a memorial that would never fall.

They wanted it fire-proof of brick and plaster,
In order to prevent a wood caused disaster.

A whole building with a museum it would be,
With artifacts and names of the men for all to see.

With a glass dome to light up heaven from the sky,
And see the stars at night, one for each man that had died.

It was in 1914 when they dedicated their dream,
A memorial that forever was supposed to gleam.

So why, then, the tears after one-hundred years?
Because we see our memorial bringing up the rear.

But all fruit eventually withers on the vine,
And even ivory piano keys yellow with time.

But when you cease to exist, you can no longer teach,
And our important history lesson will be out of reach.

Thus, to all, it should be quite clear,
It is their dream that we should hold very dear.

So once again let the marching bands sound aloud,
When all residents in the village felt so proud,

To welcome home our Billy Yanks who fought so hard,
For us to feel safe in our own backyard.

So is it not our duty to remember the favor,
Done for us by these fine soldiers and sailors?

Written by and posted courtesy of Clark Louis Casler, January 2015

Mr. Casler is a descendent of two Civil War veterans from the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry who are buried in the Randolph Cemetery located in Randolph, N.Y. As a professor of biology, writer and researcher, he has spent the majority of his life in Venezuela. He now resides in Jamestown, N.Y. where he grew up

Seeking the Veterans

March 11, 2015, By Mark Dunkelman, CAMP Historian, Exclusively for

About two hundred Civil War veterans attended the dedication of the Memorial and Historical Building in 1914. They represented almost 3,500 Cattaraugus County men who served as soldiers and sailors in the Civil War. Cattaraugus men served from the beginning to the end of the war in numerous regiments, in numbers from individuals to companies. The first county volunteers after the firing on Fort Sumter in 1861 formed two companies of the 37th New York Volunteer Infantry. Six Cattaraugus companies served in the 64th New York, giving the unit its nickname, the “Cattaraugus Regiment.” Eight of the 154th New York’s ten companies were raised in Cattaraugus. A sizable county contingent joined the 9th New York Cavalry. In those and other regiments, and aboard various naval vessels, Cattaraugus County men performed the service which their county commemorated in the Memorial and Historical Building.

More than a century later, CAMP seeks to preserve the Memorial to keep the memory of those men alive. We welcome you to submit an image and service record of a Cattaraugus County Civil War soldier or sailor for posting on the “Veteran Biographies” pages of our website. Let’s see how many of the veterans we can gather on this website devoted to saving their shrine. Reunite your ancestor with his wartime comrades. Honor him by remembering his service. When you send an image, please include your name and address and, if applicable, your relationship to the soldier. If you need help with sending the image, please let us know. We may be able to assist you. Please send your image to: [email protected]

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Results for CAMP at the Catt Co DPW Committee Meeting on 03-04-15!

03-06-2015, by Thomas Stetz, Exclusively for

The Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works held its Committee meeting on March 4, 2015 at the County Center in Little Valley, NY. The Agenda for this meeting, posted on the Cattaraugus County Web Site, did not list but it was believed that one topic for discussion by the Committee would be granting access to the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building by the staff of the Clinton Brown Company Architecture,pc for the purpose of gathering information needed to prepare its Preservation Plan for CAMP. CAMP Chairman, Thomas Stetz, attended the meeting that started at 4:00 pm.

An Agenda, circulated to Committee members at the start of the meeting, also did not indicate that ACCESS to the Memorial would be a topic for discussion. Mid-way through the meeting, Chairman William Weller asked the Committee to go into Executive Session to get legal advice. The Executive Session lasted approximately 10 minutes whereupon the Committee returned to its regular session to conclude its meeting. At the end of the meeting, Committee Chairman Weller stated to Thomas Stetz that an “Agreement/Release” would be drafted by County Attorney, Tom Brady, that would allow the Brown Firm access to the Memorial and also protect the County. Apparently, this access to the Memorial was the “legal advice” that was the topic of the Executive Session.

After the meeting, Committee Chairman Weller indicated to Thomas Stetz that the agreement for access would be coming shortly.

Since the Department of Public Works Committee meeting, Joseph Pillittere, Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, has indicated to the Brown Firm that a “contract” for access to the Memorial will be sent shortly but was requesting information from the Brown Firm to complete that document. The Brown Firm has since responded to Mr. Pillittere’s request.

Hopefully, in the near future, the Brown Firm will make their visit to Little Valley to gather information on the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building, which will truly be the first steps in the march to PRESERVATION for this Memorial to Cattaraugus County’s Civil War veterans.

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CAMP Receives Letter of Praise From Senator Young!

CAMP Chairman, Tom Stetz, received a letter on March 5, 2015 from 57th District Senator, Catherine Young. Senator Young praised CAMP for its efforts in preserving the Memorial and Historical Building in Little Valley, NY. In the letter, Senator Young states, “Thank you for your efforts in pursuing this preservation and restoration venture to honor our veterans in Cattaraugus County.”

You can read Senator Young’s letter by clicking this link: Senator Young’s Letter