CAMP Prepares Memorial Building for 2019 Memorial Day Ceremony

CAMP members gathered on 5-21-19 to spruce up the outside of the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building in preparation for Memorial Day. CAMP will lay a wreath on the door of the Memorial Building during the Little Valley Memorial Day Parade on Monday morning, May 27, 2019 in memory of the almost 3,500 Cattaraugus County Soldiers and Sailors who served during the American Civil War. All photos courtesy of Nancy Bargar.

Wreath Designer Gail Bellamy with the Memorial Day Wreath that will be Placed on Memorial Day

Gretchen Taft Takes a Break from Work

Jim Ried Takes His Turn at Mowing the Memorial Building Lawn

Jim Taft Taking His Turn at Mowing the Memorial Building Lawn

Juanita Ried and Nancy Bargar Preparing to Garden at the Memorial Building

Juanita Ried Sweeping the Entrance to the Memorial Building

Tom Stetz, Jim and Juanita Ried and Gail Bellamy Resting in the BOE after a Hard Days Work!

CAMP President,Tom Stetz, Untangling String for a Memorial Building Display