List of Cattaraugus County Civil War Sailors

Cattaraugus County Civil War Sailors

March 27, 2015, By Mark Dunkelman, CAMP Historian, Exclusively for

The Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building was dedicated to the county’s Civil War soldiers and sailors. Almost 3,500 men served from the county, the vast majority of them as soldiers. But at least seventy Cattaraugus County men served in the Navy. This list is drawn from the rosters published in Franklin Ellis, editor, History of Cattaraugus County, New York (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts, 1879), and William Adams, editor, The Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus County, New York. Syracuse: Lyman, Horton and Co., 1893). It names the sailor, his hometown, and in some cases, his ship, or notice of death in the service.

Adams, George W. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
Austin, Xina. Farmersville. Undine.
Banfield, George H. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
Bannister, Adam C. Farmersville. Flambeau.
Brown, Patsy. Olean. Killed December 12, 1864, Bridgeport, Alabama.
Burch, Anson W. Portville.
Carpenter, Leonard. Farmersville. Undine.
Chadwick, Hosea N. Ischua. Transferred to the Navy 1862.
Chapin, Herbert F. Hinsdale. Cyane. Captured by the Alabama.
Cross, Hawley. New Albion.
Elmer, Austin W. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
English, John. Great Valley.
Frazer, James, Jr. Franklinville.
Freeman, Isaac. South Valley.
Gile, Merritt A. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Green, Henry F, Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Green, Martin. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Groat, Jeremiah. Ashford.
Henry, William. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Hogg, William. Franklinville. Paw Paw.
Holmes, C. W. Farmersville. Huntress.
Howard, Thomas. Farmersville. Undine.
Hutchinson, Daniel A. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Ingersoll, Hiram M. Hinsdale. Undine.
Jimeson, Cyrus. Salamanca. Native American.
Johnson, Francis E. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Johnston, William. Lyndon. Tara, Sincante, Carondelet, and Black Hawk.
Jones, Allen. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Laidlaw, William G. Franklinville. Tawa.
Latham, Russel. Franklinville. Died aboard gunboat Paw Paw, May 1865.
Leonard, Samuel J. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Lewis, Hiram. Hinsdale. Mound City.
Lockwood, James M. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Maloy, James. Great Valley.
McKee, Edwin. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
McKinney, John J. Carrolton. Brilliant.
McVey, Archibald. Hinsdale. Montgomery.
Miller, Lamartine. Hinsdale. Credited elsewhere.
Murray, Thomas. Hinsdale. Brooklyn.
Newland, Thomas. Hinsdale. Paw Paw.
Nichols, James. Franklinvile.
Patterson, Samuel. Salamanca. Native American. Died at Belle Isle.
Perry, Charles H. Great Valley.
Persons, Daniel D. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Pettitt, Stephen D. Hinsdale.
Randall, Addison. Olean. Brooklyn.
Reynolds, Buel. Franklinville. Died of disease contracted in service.
Reynolds, Cedric. Hinsdale. Paw Paw.
Rice, Abel. Ashford. Died at Philadelphia.
Ryder, Darwin. New Albion.
Scott, Bradner. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Scott, James. Lyndon. Undine and Huntress.
Searl, Walter. Franklinville. Tawa and Cincinnati.
Sessions, Albert. Farmersville. Undine.
Sherman, George. Otto. Re-enlisted in Navy. St. Louis.
Sherwin, Joseph B. Hinsdale. Undine. Killed on board the Undine in her engagement and capture on the Tennessee River, October 30, 1864.
Smalley, Leonard C. Napoli. John Adams.
Smith, Willard M. Portville. Vanderbilt and Brooklyn.
Valentine, Foster. Farmersville. Undine.
Wands, James B. W. Olean. Montgomery.
Warner, John. Great Valley.
Warren, Isaac. Hinsdale. Undine.
Weeks, Barzilla. Franklinville.
Wheeler, Thaddeus. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Whipple, George D. Carrolton. Brilliant.
Williams, Charles P. Franklinville. Paw Paw. Died in action January 16, 1865, Memphis, Tennessee.
Wing, Charles. Franklinville.
Worthington, Jacob. Farmersville. Paw Paw.
Worthington, Sylvester. Farmersville. Undine.
Yarrington, Aury. Conewango. Transferred to Navy; died in hospital near Point of Rocks.