Notes from the CAMP Booth at the 2015 Cattaraugus County Fair #2

Another note from a CAMP member who manned the CAMP booth at the 2015 Cattaraugus County Fair:

“Plenty of visitors to the Cattaraugus County Fair passed by CAMP’s table without giving it a glance. But of those who stopped to look at the displays and engaged in conversation, virtually all were moved to sign our petition. Some folks were aware that the Memorial and Historical Building is endangered; others were not. Some were Cattaraugus County residents; others were not. I asked all of them to sign the petition, regardless of where they live. We have heard that much of the opposition to the County’s plan to demolish the Memorial comes from outsiders—people who live elsewhere than Cattaraugus County.To me, that fact demonstrates that the fate of the Memorial transcends the County’s boundaries, that its preservation is more than a strictly local issue.

Many visitors of a certain age fondly remembered when the Memorial housed the County Historical Museum and—going back even further—the Village of Little Valley Library. Many expressed hope that the Memorial will once again serve a useful purpose in its choice location in the County seat.

Mark Dunkelman, Providence, RI

Dunkelman Points 2015 Catt Co Fair

CAMP Historian, Mark Dunkelman, discusses details about the Memorial Building Dedication photo with Annette Dunkelman, Deb Everts and Clark Casler.