Talking Points from the DPW “Work Session” on 12-3-15

December 5, 2015

These are the talking points that were presented to CAMP members who attended the 12-minute “work session” on December 3, 2015:

1. The county does not have the ability to sell this property and will not entertain a sale of this property

2. The county owns this property and will retain its title

3. All actions pertaining to this property must be approved by the Legislature in writing

4. No entity can apply for funding or a status change on behalf of the County without the express written permission of the County

5. The County is interested in a monument to all veterans in Cattaraugus County at the site of this building

6. Cattaraugus County will proceed to demolish this building at County cost on a timeline favorable to the County

7. Cattaraugus County is interested in saving key structural components of the current building for incorporation into a memorial for all veterans

8. Cattaraugus County welcomes discussion about these key structural components that would be salvaged and discussion around the design of a new memorial