The Sons of Union Veterans Historian Contacts Catt Co Legislators

December 7, 2015

Dear Members of the Cattaragus County Legislature:

It is my hope that when you have your next meeting on December 9,2015
that you will not vote to demolish the Civil War memorial building in
Little Valley.

There is nothing I can do and very little I can say that will change (your)
mind as it appears you are set to start the demolition.

Please keep this in mind.  Many people in the community probably are
oblivious to the memorial and what it means.  One generations effort to
never to forget is another generations wrecking crew.  Never is a very
long time.

Please find it your conscious to keep this memorial a living memorial
to the Boys in Blue.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Orton, Department Historian
Sons of Union Veterans
Onondaga County Historian, The American Legion
213 Dixon Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13219-2711
315 488 4076